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Welcome to FABBAs on the web! Here you can find out what FABBAs is all about, the charities that our fundraising activities support, the FABBAs events that take place throughout the year and the worldwide publicity that we attract, plus, of course, you can learn about the FABBAs themselves - arguably the most prestigious awards in the financial services business!

The FABBAs (otherwise known as the Fund Managers’, Asian Bankers’ and Brokers’ Awards) is an annual event at which members of the region’s finance industry come together to raise money for those in need.

At this website you can get involved in FABBAs yourself, either by making a donation or becoming a sponsor, and you can meet the people and the partners who have come together to make FABBAs possible.

FABBAs is managed by the organising committee of The Asia Brokers Charity Ltd., and is an entirely voluntary organisation that does great work for others less fortunate. We hope that anyone involved in the financial industry – from bankers to head-hunters, brokers to IT support, fund managers to those in corporate communications – will want to be involved with this terrific charity, one way or another.