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The FABBAs Awards

The Golden FABBAs represent, without question, the most coveted awards in the industry (author writing with very straight face!). Past recipients of the awards have gone on to achieve incredible success in whatever they have chosen to do (not necessarily in the financial businessÖ). The Golden FABBAs award categories are as follows:

The Golden Foresight (aka The Golden Turkey)
Awarded for the best stock call (that seemed a really good idea at the time).

The Golden Tones
Awarded for the voicemail message that attracted (or dissuaded) the most broker calls.

The Golden Fleece
Letís just say this might not have been the recipientís finest hour.

The Golden Ghost
Always quick to rsvp but often MIA.

The Golden Xerox
Awarded for outstanding examples of plagiarism among equity research analysts/strategists/sales execs.

The Golden Eliot
Awarded in recognition of contributions to the development of the regulatory framework and market transparency in Hong Kong.

The Golden Telephone Award
Awarded to recognize long-standing achievement and success in the equities industry (no seriously this is the only semi-serious award of the night!).

Previous Winners of The Golden Telephone Award:
2013: Myles Macmahon
2012: Winnie Kwan
2011: David Webb
2010: Miles Remington
2008: Otto Wong
2007: Gary Coull
2006: William Choy
2005: Warren Primhak
2004: Andrew Riddick
2003: Richard Witt