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The FABBAs Charities 2014


Last year – with the generosity of our guests, the FABBAs gave HK$5.5 million directly to charity. That’s an incredible amount of money, enabling the dedicated teams from all 10 recipients to give much needed aid, support and incentive to those less fortunate around the region.

This year – your donations will benefit seven organisations. Find out more about them by clicking the links. And please … take your time to explore their work – who they are, how they help and what difference you could make to the lives of the people they reach out to. All seven stories are uniquely compelling and inspirational. It brings our global village a step closer to know you could be a partner in some direct and innovative aid work. Last year, the FABBAs Crossroads container headed to Uganda to help students in a slum – who will benefit from this ingenious aid model in 2014? Or how many children will be able to find their lives transformed – literally - by your support of Operation Smile ? You can help lower the rate of easily preventable neonatal illness and fatality through The China Medical Foundation – while the team at Dr Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital, have a vision to restore sight to the blind in remote regions of India – through simple procedures, which will not be possible without your financial backing. With your help, The Indochina Starfish Tigers Football team in Cambodia, will be able to continue playing from strength to strength proudly sporting the FABBAs logo on team shirts, and children in a remote province of Cambodia can look forward to a brand new learning opportunity through the work of Children of the Mekong … and finally you can know you are directly benefitting children in Sri Lanka at the Santhosa School, built by the FABBAs after the devastating Tsunami.

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A retrospective look at The FABBAs Charities 2013

Every year, the FABBAs trustees and prime sponsor, carefully select the charities the evening will support. Some of our beneficiaries are now old friends - like Crossroads and Operation Smile. Read how some of the funds were used from 2013 from the links to Crossroads, Operation Smile, Children of the Mekong, Dr Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital, IndoChina Starfish Foundation and Santhosa School, who are all continuing to get our support.

The other beneficiaries from last year have sent us summaries of how your dollars were spent – and it’s an incredibly diverse group of people in need who have been helped by FABBAs 2013.

The Women’s Foundation – Hong Kong

The Women's Foundation (TWF) runs a number of community programmes helping women at grassroots level and under-privileged girls.

Our Financial Literacy Programme for Marginalised Women has helped over 300 grassroots women and their families achieve greater economic self-reliance and a better quality of life for themselves. The programme provides financial literacy and self empowerment training for eight different target communities of women including single mothers, welfare recipients, ethnic minority women, migrant workers, domestic violence victims, women with disabilities and sex workers. After completing the programme, many participants report that they are able to set aside savings for the first time and many are taking full control of the household budget. Last year we ran a Financial Capability Family Day for 100 participants and family members and we plan to extend the programme to include employability skills training and opportunities for our beneficiaries.

Our TEEN Programme (now in its fourth year) provides leadership and gender awareness training for under-privileged students while our Life Skills Programme is currently part of the school curriculum of 15 schools located in some of Hong Kong's poorest districts. Our youth programmes have touched the lives of about 6,000 students, teachers and parents. We provide students with essential life skills including financial literacy, how to develop healthy relationships and personal well-being, and life and career planning. Our evaluation of the impact of the programme shows students have marked improvement in their self-confidence and communication skills and higher career aspirations, which in many cases will change the course of their lives.

The donation from the FABBAs has been used to support these grassroots community programmes. We thank the FABBAs for your amazing and generous support that allows us to continue with this important and meaningful work.


SolarLEAP is a non-profit organization based in Hong Kong committed to bringing information technology to students and individuals around the world. SolarLEAP designs and manufactures unique low-cost, low-power consumption computers designed specifically for off-grid areas and other areas with unreliable power grids.

Over the past year, SolarLEAP has finalized manufacturing partnerships and is ready to distribute 700 solar powered computers this year.

These computers will primarily be distributed in Ethiopia, where we will meet the demands of an entire school district, bringing their remaining 20 schools into the digital age. SolarLEAP will also work with organizations to set up new pilot programs in India, Cambodia, Burma and the Philippines.

The funds from the FABBAs were instrumental towards getting these computers manufactured, and will provide tens of thousands of students with modern educational tools for years to come.

Laos Rehabilitation Foundation

The Lao Rehabilitation Foundation’s primary purpose is to provide medical services, health education and to implement preemptive programmes to enhance the public health of remote populations in Laos, with particular focus on children and the poor.

LRF’s water projects, partly funded by FABBAs donations, aim to provide sustainable access to clean water for poor villages and elementary schools located in remote areas of Laos, either by gravity-fed systems or by drilling wells. It will impact communities totaling nearly 6,000 people. So far, we have completed the first gravity-fed water project in the remote village of Mokkokhang in Oudomxay province. This project provides sustainable access to clean water to a growing population of over 800 people.

Plans for a second gravity-fed water project in Piahanuam village, Oudomxay province, have been drafted and are being implemented in collaboration with the Local Department of Public Health. When completed, this project will deliver clean water access to a population of nearly 1,000 people. Although unexpected difficulties have slowed down implementation of the project, we still hope to complete it within the year.

The site for a third project has been surveyed in Hallapha villages, Khamouanne province. It will involve the drilling of 20 boreholes in remote villages. The drilling equipment has been imported into the country, a large air compressor is on its way and two trucks are on order for the implementation of this project, which is expected to start in June 2014.

In addition to greatly improving the standards of living of local communities, having access to clean water has an enormous impact on health as it significantly reduces the risks of waterborne diseases. These projects clearly provide a positive step toward the eradication of poverty.

Chi Heng Foundation

Chi Heng Foundation has cumulatively helped 16,000 AIDS impacted children in mainland China since it launched the AIDS orphans program in 2002. Funds from the FABBAs in the last few years have made it possible for over 570 students to stay in school, from primary school through university studies.

With one or both parents ailing or having passed away due to AIDS, education for their children is the best way to break the cycle of poverty and discrimination. By making a longterm commitment to each qualified student until she/he completes her/his studies, whether it is primary school graduation, vocational school diploma or a university degree, support from Chi Heng lessens the worries and burdens on the students. By directly disbursing funds to the students, Chi Heng ensures that the support directly benefits the children. By maintaining local offices close to the children, Chi Heng can follow up on the needs of the students and provide timely assistance.

In addition to education related sponsorships, Chi Heng has been proactively expanding psychosocial support programmes for the AIDS impacted children. We believe that the children’s psychosocial state affects their performance and their ability to take advantage of education opportunities. Our psychosocial programmes include Art Counseling, Summer Camps, Winter Camps, Material Assistance, Home Visits, and the most recent Hero Book project. By providing comprehensive care to the children, we hope they will be self-empower to build a brighter future for themselves.