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Children’s Medical Foundation (CMF)
Bringing life-saving care to China’s youngest and poorest

The first 28 days of life, the neonatal period, are the most dangerous time in a person’s lifespan. Nearly half of all the deaths of children under the age of five happen within these first days of life. The majority of these deaths could be prevented with improved neonatal care.

In 2012, nearly 160,000 newborns died in China before reaching their first month of life. Babies born to poor rural families face the worst odds. Their families may not be able to make a long trip by bus or motorcycle to the nearest Neonatal Care Unit, the local health care provider may not have adequate training to address anything but a routine birth or, the family simply may not be able to afford life-saving care. The result: one in 70 rural babies die, a survival rate nearly five times lower than for babies lucky enough to be born in the city.

Most of these babies will die from routine complications such as a lack of oxygen (asphyxia), low birth weight, or infection. Of those who survive, many will suffer life-long disabilities such as epilepsy, cerebral palsy or developmental delay. Most of these deaths and disabilities are preventable when good neonatal care is available.

CMF’s mission is to bring that life-saving care to China’s youngest and poorest by training doctors and nurses in neonatal specialist care, donating specialized equipment, and providing funding to poor families who cannot afford emergency medical treatment.

Money raised by FABBAs will help CMF bring life-saving care to China’s youngest and poorest and to improve the odds that a baby born in rural China will have a healthy and productive life. Funds raised will help train more doctors and nurses in neonatal specialist care. From years in this field, we know that each specialist trained on average saves 100 or more newborn lives a year. Money will also be used to offer financial aid to families who fall below the poverty line and are unable to pay the medical bills for their ill baby. For as little as HK$8,000, you can save a life of a newborn in rural China.

Dr. Li at Bazhong Neonatal Care Unit (sponsored by CMF)

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