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The child we support today will care for his nation tomorrow

Founded in 1958 by a doctor living in Laos, Children of the Mekong is today one of the largest French NGOs. The charity helps children of South-East Asia have access to education, by offering individual or collective sponsorships and building schools and foster homes through micro-projects.

Today, 22,000 sponsored children and 60,000 supported children are benefitting from our work. We currently run 580 different programmes across 7 countries (Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, The Philippines, Cambodia, Burma and China) and have 29 full-time volunteers working at grass-roots level.

The FABBAs’ support in the last 2 years has financed the scholarships of university students in Cebu, The Philippines. The scholarships gave students the chance to complete their studies while living in a Children of the Mekong foster home that provided the structure, discipline and nurturing needed for them to become responsible and professional adults.

A testimony and thank you letter from a Cebu student to The FABBAs:

“Thank you for being a sponsor of Children of the Mekong scholarships. If it was not for you, I wouldn’t have become what I am today. It’s you who gave opportunities to less fortunate students. Being successful in our chosen field is our main goal as a Children of the Mekong scholar. Speaking of success, I am proud to tell you that I was able to surpass all the challenges of the last school year. I believe that “No matter how rough the road you’ll take, you can still achieve the goal you’ve been dreaming of as long as you’ll exert enough effort, hard work, and of course, passion on what you’re doing”.
Again, thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to be at the peak of our long-awaited success.

Yours truly,

Jhanyn Marie B. Ardita
June 2013

Founded in 2001, the Hong Kong Delegation, a registered charity in HK, consists of four volunteers that dedicate their expertise, network and energy to raise funds for specific school construction projects and find individual as well as corporate sponsors for children and students in need.

Our aim this year is to raise HK$750,000 for the development of a new education center in Preah Vihear, Northern Cambodia. Heavily forested, Preah Vihear is one of Cambodia's most rural, remote and poorest provinces where literacy rates are below the national average, in part because many areas were under Khmer Rouge control until 1998.

The Centre will provide extra schooling for 150 students and lodgings for up to 70 children. Living in remote villages with limited access to road infrastructure, these children would not otherwise attend school regularly and end up falling behind or dropping out.

When completed, the centre will consist of four lodgings, six classrooms and an office/library, thus giving the children the chance to live and study in an environment conducive to learning.

HK$ 750,000 will pay for:
- the construction of one additional lodging: HK$ 384,173
- the necessary equipment to ensure a proper functioning of the centre (water tower, gates and fences, small security lodge and room for the centre manager): HK$ 326,626