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The FABBAs Awards Dinner

The FABBAs Awards Dinner has become a ‘not to be missed’ date in the diary of many inthe asian financial community. Taking place each year in Hong Kong, the awards dinner represents the main event of the year at which funds are raised for the designated FABBAs charities. Generous corporate sponsors donate spectacular prizes that are auctioned off throughout the evening or provided as prizes in a raffle or given as table gifts, raising serious amounts of money for the charities involved.

The evening is a riotous affair of entertainment, fun, and camaraderie, bringing together over 400 of the industry’s senior professionals for good food, wine, comedy, the Awards, and, of course, raising money through games, auctions and other prizes. It’s rare that our very competitive industry has the opportunity to get together in such a friendly and worthwhile way and it has only got more popular each year.

There’s nothing like being there but to give you a taste of the FABBAs events click on the links to view photos of the awards nights in previous years and to view pdf pages of the event programmes.


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Event Photos