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The FABBAs Mission


The simple rationale for setting up the FABBAs as a registered charity back in 2003 was that, no matter how tough life may sometimes get for those of us in the finance industry, there are always plenty of less-privileged people for whom it’s much, much tougher.

The Fund Managers, Asian Bankers and Brokers Awards, or ‘FABBAs’ as they are affectionately known, were established by a group of Hong Kong-based business professionals in the asian equities industry. They believed that there was an opportunity to ‘give something back’ to the communities in which they worked by raising funds for designated charities through an awards program and annual awards dinner, that is, shall we say, a little more light-hearted than others in the business.

Over the years, the industry has seen good times and leaner times, but at no time has there ever been a reason not to help those who need a hand. With that in mind, the FABBAs will continue to raise as much money as we can each year from as many people in the industry as possible – an industry that’s perhaps better known for accumulating wealth than redistributing it.