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Smile Shines in Yunnan

“I was born into a farmer’s family in a remote village in Lincang, Yunnan. It was supposed to be the happiest moment for my parents to welcome their first-born but they were greatly disturbed by the fact that their son was born with a severe cleft lip and cleft palate.

In my first few months, I had trouble sucking milk. My mother had to feed me with a spoon but still, milk would come out from my nose, causing choking and gagging, so I didn’t manage to get good nutrition. Though living on a tight budget, my family went a long way to seek medical assistance. Learning of the unbearably high cost of surgery and post-surgery follow up, we were almost defeated. Hope came to us one day when my parents learnt of Operation Smile coming to Lincang and that I would be able to receive free surgery to repair my cleft deformity. After the surgery, the stress and desperation that previously lined the faces of my parents was replaced with pure joy, and they could not keep their eyes off my beautiful restored smile. ”*

*A narrative based on the true story of one of our beneficiaries, Guo Yuwei.

Having his cleft lip and palate repaired, little Yuwei is living an ordinary life in his hometown wearing a big smile day and night. He is an energetic, loving child, who enjoys school. Instead of being isolated and made fun of by his peers, he has made many friends. His life has been miraculously transformed, thanks to his cleft surgery.

Mrs Guo couldn’t stop smiling at her happiness either. “I am very happy to see my son smiling all the time. He is doing so well. He has got many friends, and making new friends who come to our place to play with little Yuwei.”

The FABBAs and Operation Smile China Medical Mission (OSCMM)

Little Yuwei is one of the thousands of children and families that the FABBAs has helped through your generous contributions. The fabulous support from the FABBAs has enabled OSCMM to accelerate its medical activities throughout China, as well as increase our impact by building up the capacity of local medical professionals. OSCMM would not have been able to achieve as much without your unrelenting support.

OSCMM salutes to everyone at the FABBAs for the loving kindness you bring to those who are truly in need and giving them hope, a bright future and a beautiful smile.

Your contributions this year will fund part of our ambitious plan of organizing 20+ missions across China, with a target of changing 1,600 smiles and lives, particularly those living in remote and mountainous regions. In total, OSCMM has provided over 26,000 free cleft surgeries in China since 1991, thanks to our supporters like you who have seen the amazing difference that something as simple as a smile can bring.

Our Story

Operation Smile China Medical Mission (OSCMM) is a medical charity that provides free surgeries to underprivileged children with cleft lips and cleft palates in China. Founded in Hong Kong in 1991, OSCMM has changed over 26,000 smiles and exists due to the generous support of volunteers and donors from all over the world. Through intensive hands-on education programs as well as surgical and life-saving training programs, OSCMM helps build longterm capabilities of local medical professionals in China.

OSCMM is part of a global alliance of Operation Smile foundations and chapters dedicated to healing children’s smiles through surgery and thus forever changing their lives.

Medical Missions

OSCMM organizes medical missions on a regular basis to provinces all over China. It is sad but true that many families in the Mainland have little access to specialized care for cleft lips and cleft palates in their regions. They travel great distances to reach our mission sites. A team of experienced OSCMM medical volunteers, from both China and abroad, will spend one week at the mission site performing free life-changing surgeries.

Medical Training

In order to provide better and safer care to the children, OSCMM organizes American Heart Association (AHA) lifesaving skills certification courses annually for our medical volunteers in China. Our Medical volunteers are provided with advanced training in their specialties to ensure their skills and knowledge are up to our global standard. In this way, our medical volunteers not only have their skills upgraded, but also become a trainer at their parent hospitals.

Capacity Building Program

In addition to carrying out medical mission across China, OSCMM has started several education programs that aim to improve the quality of corrective surgery for facial deformities by training young oral and plastic surgeons in the Mainland. Young Mainland surgeons are provided with the opportunity to advance their skills in cleft lip and cleft palate surgeries in a world class facility under expert supervision for 6-12 months.

Our Mission Statement

Operation Smile mobilizes a world of generous hearts to heal children’s smiles and transform lives across the global.

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