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Santhosa School was set up eight years ago on Sri Lanka’s southern coast, following the devastating Asian Tsunami. Funds from the FABBAs built and equipped the school and have contributed to some of the running costs. Children of all abilities are welcome and the emphasis is on a well-rounded education for pupils aged three to six. With a pre-school curriculum based on the Montessori methodology, additional emphasis is placed on art, music, acting and dancing.

Running costs and maintenance remain the school’s main expenses, towards which the majority of funds raised by the FABBAs are directed. Alongside these, there has been the purchase of additional music equipment so the children can play both eastern and western styles, as well as refurbishment of two classrooms.

The past year, there has been a greater emphasis on using funds to organize educational and enjoyable trips for the pupils. These have included time at Galle harbour and to a game reserve to understand animal welfare. There have been some wonderful performances at the organized school festivals and concerts. An annual exhibition is now arranged, an opportunity for parents to view the childrens’ achievements - and parents seem very happy with their education, and the school’s alumni go on to differentiate themselves at their next government school.

We extend our sincere thanks for your generous support. It ensures the continued success of what has become a charming and highly admired school in this part of Sri Lanka. It needs the FABBAs valuable support to continue to give the chance of a decent education to those who would otherwise be deprived of such an opportunity in their early life.