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The Golden FABBAs represent, without question, the most coveted awards in the industry (author writing with very straight face!). Past recipients of the awards have gone on to achieve incredible success in whatever they have chosen to do (not necessarily in the financial business…). The Golden FABBAs award categories are as follows:

Every year we ask each leading Investment Bank to start the pot rolling and to help cover the costs of hosting the event. Without this sponsorship some of what is donated on the evening by individuals has to go to covering costs of the event which is something we strive to avoid. We also ask one bank to host the event each year, which shares the immense organisational effort. Many banks have used this event as a team building exercise in the past however with the inclusion of fund managers the event is now set to become a highly important part of bank’s market visibility.

FABBAs also welcomes sponsoring organizations from any business, within or outside the finance or banking industry. There are several ways in which companies can become involved in sponsoring the FABBA’s depending on their objectives. The profile of the audience, in representing all the leading Global Investment Banks, as well as being some of the wealthiest professionals in Hong Kong, provide the sponsor with tremendous promotional opportunities.

Event Sponsorship
In addition to a lead sponsor of the event (normally a service provider to the industry) we look for sponsorship by way of F&B (mainly B) in an effort to reduce our costs. We work very closely with the venue providers who kindly waive corkage for our event and so donations of this sort are key.

Brochure Advertising
Each year the brochure has a circulation of around 500 with a readership of around 800 people. We encourage advertisers to take either half page or full page ads.

Prize Sponsorship
The FABBAs raises much of its money through prize auctioning, both Grand Prizes and in the silent auction. We look for companies with unique products who are looking to reach this audience. Prize sponsors gain awareness in the target market, and for larger prizes will be given free advertising in the brochure. Prizes do not necessarily have to reflect what the company does.

Our recent sponsors


If you are interested in becoming a FABBAs sponsor and would like more details please email us.

FABBAs Partners

In addition to our volunteers and generous sponsors FABBAs also relies on the support of our valuable partner firms who provide their expertise and services to FABBAs at minimum cost. Our partners and the services they provide include...

  • Events Management and Production – Rob Rogers
  • Website - Hodes Designs (Bernard Hodes Group)