The FABBAs (otherwise known as the Fund Managers’, Asian Bankers’ and Brokers’ Awards) is an annual event in Hong Kong at which members of the region’s finance industry come together to raise money for those in need.

Fabbas was created with a desire to improve perception of the industry whilst giving to the community. Based on a long running Australian Stock broker ‘awards’ night raising funds around an introspective look at  the industry – expansion to include all parts of the investment community allowing Fabbas to flourish.

In 2018, we raised close to US$300,000 and directed these funds to: Asia Center Foundation (Thailand), Children’s Medical Foundation (China), Children’s Surgical Centre (Cambodia), Crossroads (Hong Kong), Dr Shroff’s Eye Hospital (India), HKRU Community Foundation (Hong Kong), PathFinders (Hong Kong) and Santhosa School (Sri Lanka)

The 17th annual FABBAs will take place in Hong Kong in 14th March 2019 at a venue in Central, Hong Kong.