Our Charities

In 2018 – with the generosity of our guests and sponsors, the FABBAs gave close to US$300,000 directly to charity. That’s a worthy amount of funds, enabling the dedicated teams from all eight recipients to give much needed aid, support and incentive to those less fortunate around the region.

To find out more about the charities, please click on the logos below. All eight stories are uniquely compelling and inspirational.

Where your funds went in 2018:

Children’s Medical Foundation

CMF has focused on implementing a comprehensive neonatal healthcare solution to reverse the shockingly high death rate of newborns at the front lines in rural China.   Funds from FABBAs support an intensive program of medical training, equipment donations, and financial assistance to stop preventable newborn deaths in China, saving the lives of thousands of newborns babies each year.

Children’s Surgical Centre

CSC in Cambodia used FABBAs funds to purchase medical supplies and cover the cost of surgeries such as the treatment of glaucoma, congenital deformities and cleft lips, and potentially deadly birth defects. The grant was also used to buy an optical coherence tomography machine for the eye department, and a set of surgical lamps for the operating theatres.


Crossroads of Hong Kong is one of the longest standing beneficiaries of the FABBAs. Last year's funds were directed primarily to delivering containers to Kazakhstan. The shipment is helping set up two rehabilitation centres that will take in people affected by drug and alcohol addiction, and help restore their lives through programs and activities. The shipment includes furniture, clothing, appliances, bedding and other items.

Dr Shroff’s Eye Hospital

Dr Shroff's of New Delhi utilized funds to support an Ophthalmic Paramedic Training program, which aims to fill the human resources gap in the field of eye care in rural areas, as well as empower women who participate in the program to improve healthcare and awareness in their own communities. Additional funds were used to complete 110 cataract surgeries and 40 cornea transplants.

HKRU Community Foundation

Funds were used to support a domestic helpers rugby program via team kit and equipment purchase for the Hong Kong Exiles. Remaining funds will be used for a team entry into a local tournament.


This Hong Kong based charity that works with migrant mothers used funds to support their Mothers Protection Program, enabling Case Managers to provide one-on-one counseling and psychological support to help 269 vulnerable migrant mothers plan their pregnancies and a safe future for themselves and their babies.

Santhosa School

In Sri Lanka, the Santhosa School was founded twelve years ago by FABBAs in the aftermath of the Asian tsunami. It services the local community, which lost one of its schools during this time. This year's grant was primarily expended on running costs, including staff, utilities, maintenance and teaching materials. Funds were also used to purchase a desktop PC for teaching purchases and to replace water tanks.

Asia Center Foundation

ACF in Phuket aims to reach disadvantaged children in Phuket and the surrounding areas by providing child day care while parents work, offering scholarships for children to primary and secondary schools, and organizing afterschool programs centered around health and leadership. The funds from FABBAs have been used to build a kitchen and dining area in a permanent structure for the program.